Historic Buildings

I had an opportunity to visit Temple Square over the Thanksgiving weekend and took a couple of shots, which don’t really do The Square justice this time of year–but here’s a sample: (more…)

Mormon Church Gilbert, Arizona

The town of Gilbert Arizona is looking for a few good, but old photos of their historic Mormon Church, which is about to be demolished. The above photo, from the Gilbert Historical Society, shows what the building looked like just after it was remodeled in 1946. (more…)

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record, taken 1937 for the federal government and is public domain in the US. (more…)

For those not familiar with Cedar City’s historical Rock Church, take a look at this article in The Cedar City Review. I have driven by this beautiful structure in Cedar City dozens of times; but, never once stopped in to take a look. I never knew they even offered tours of the church. Now that I have read the article, the next time I am in Cedar City, I will definitely plan to stop in and see if I can catch one of the tours. (more…)