(This post has been recently updated toward the end with additional links) The Church has released this news update on the “kissing” incident on the Plaza, now an extension of Temple Square and Church Headquarters: (Hat Tip Geoff B.): (more…)

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting the Salt Lake City Police Report on the expulsion of two men for unwanted kissing and hugging on Church property has been released (I’m assuming by the SLCPD–but the article is unclear).  The Tribune did post the entire report.  You can read the actual report here, which is linked at the bottom of the article.    (more…)

Gay Day Temple Square

Matt Aune and Derek Jones, photo by Scott Sommerdorf Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that two men, Matt Aune, and Derek Jones (above) were cited by the Salt Lake City Police Department for tresspassing on private religious property: (more…)

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O’re the Land of the Free, and the Home of The Brave.

Happy Birthday America.  You are still the World’s last and greatest hope.

I guess there was a “Utah Pride Parade today in Salt Lake City (sorry I missed out on that one).   The Salt Lake Tribune has a very nice write up in an article titled Gay Rights Advocates Strut Political Clout in Salt Lake. From the looks of the Tribune photographer, Scott Sommerdorf’s excellent photos, that’s not all they strutted: (more…)


God Bless all those men and women who have served, continue to serve, and will serve, wearing the uniform of this nation, even a land of promise, choice above all other lands, the Cradle of the Restoration, whose people will worship and serve Jesus Christ, or will be swept from its face.   God Bless America.

Interesting article from the Toronto Sun today, HT (Brooke Adams–Salt Lake Tribune reporter/blogger).  A Pakastani Muslim, Shaikh Akhtar Hussain, who is also a retired banking executive, is trying to immigrate to Toronto.  The problem?  Well, horror of horrors, he’s a practicing polygamist!


Brooke Adams, the Salt Lake Tribune’s reporter who blogs on polygamy issues for the Trib, has a good one year later recap article in today’s Tribune on last year’s debacle in West Texas.    My posts on that disaster are here.   (more…)

If you are interested in following the CA Supreme Court hearing this morning on the Proposition 8 arguments you can stream it live from the Internet here:

You’ll probably have better luck on CNN or MSNBC’s sites.

Update 9:37 a.m. I’m only able to listen off and on in the background because of work load today; but, the justices’ questions to counsel opposing Proposition 8.  I’m certain that the questions will be equally tough to the other side; but, I’m struck by the theme that seems to be emerging that Proposition 8 while limiting marriage to men and women, it does not deal with any of the other holdings of the court in the marriage cases that sexual orientation is still a protected suspect class.  Further, the idea that Californians reversed a prior death penalty case, a much more substantive right protected by the constitution–yet was still upheld.  Too early to tell how the justices are leaning.  We need to hear the questions for the other side; but, these justices have done their homework and are engaging these attorneys.  I have do doubt they will be as aggressive with the other side–as it should be.

Didn’t get to hear much more of the arguments.   Below are some links to some of the Proposition 8 coverage:

Los Angeles Times

San Francisco Chronicle

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