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So reads the title of an an exceptional article  in today’s (2/8/08) Wall Street Journal, written by Suzanne Sataline about the spate of resurgent anti-Mormonism and religious bigotry the Church and its members have experienced over the last year or so.  Subtitled Mormons Dismayed by Harsh Spotlight, Ms. Sataline chronicles the recent uptake in anti-Mormon activity, particularly since the inception of the Mitt Romney Presidential bid.  Update read the Church’s comments on Sataline and other related media articles: (more…)

Huckabee The HypocriteEditor and Publisher is reporting that Mike Huckabee–the Baptist candidate for President–is about to slam his rival, Mitt Romney, along with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with that tired old anti-Mormon question: Don’t Mormons believe Christ and the devil are brothers: (more…)

Book of MormonMitt Romney stumping in Iowa today was confronted by Mary Van Steenis, one of the Christian conservatives he was there to court. (more…)

Mitt Romney supporter and Bloggernacle blogger and commenter, Ryan Bell has started a new website in an effort to dispel the plethora of Mormon myths that abound on the Internet as a result of Mitt Romney’s campaign. (more…)

Mitt RomneyLinda Feldman in today’s Christian Science Monitor writes about Mitt Romney’s recent surge (dare I use that term?) in the traditional pre or early primary states: Iowa and New Hampshire. (more…)

Romney Defends Mormon Faith in GOP Debate

As if this should even be a headline in media coverage of an American presidential race. I’m beginning to think it’s the media which is more bigoted toward Mormons. Can you imagine a headline highlighting McCain’s, Giuliani’s or Thompson’s religion? Give me a break!


MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has defended his Mormon faith in a debate with other GOP presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

Romney insisted that his beliefs are similar to those taught by other religions.

He said, “I believe in God, believe in the Bible, believe Jesus Christ is my savior.”

Comparing himself to John F. Kennedy, the only Roman Catholic to be elected president, Romney said he’s a “proud member” of the Mormon church who won’t disown it for political advantage.



Well, Mitt has about come full circle, as I see it. He has been interviewed by the venerable Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, which will be broadcast this Sunday. During that interview he commented on polygamy, calling the practice awful: (more…)

Mitt RomneySo asks the Washington Post’s Alec MacGillis, in a lengthy article, dealing with whether or not members of the Mormon Church constitute a substantial political base, and whether that’s a good thing. (more…)

Mitt Romeny, Fundraising LeaderThe latest fundraising figures are available for all presidential candidates for the first quarter of 2007. It was no surprise that Senator Hillary Clinton raised the most cash. It was nothing short of astonishing that Mitt Romney was a very close second to her. The AP is running a story that has been picked up all over the world. CNN’s version is typical. Updated 9:03 a.m Hugh Hewitt has an interesting post on the New York Times’ take on the Romney fundraising success. Briefly glancing over the Times’ article, I think Hewitt has a point. The Times is playing the Mormon Church card in Romney’s fundraising success, which is simply inaccurate. (more…)

(Update 12/12/06 5:30 p.m.) Check out American Thinker on  their take of a possible Romney/Rice ticket to counter a Clinton/Obama ticket–interesting times. Well, that is if you believe the Boston Globe. Thus far the Boston Globe’s reporting on Mitt Romney leaves just a bit to be desired–see here and here. But, I suppose that if the Boston Globe concedes that Governor Romney is a serious contender for the Republican Presidential Nomination there may just be something to the story. (more…)

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