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I’m not certain what’s going on with John Dehlin and his Mormon Matters Blog—but from all accounts it looks to be a massacre in the classic sense of the word.  There are several good posts up already in the Bloggernacle about this debacle where you can get most of the details.  See Faith Promoting Rumor’s Elder Jensen and the Exploitation of the Sacred Moments, and Times and Seasons post Credible Criticism.  I’m sure there are likely others as well. (more…)

A repost from the past, commemorating the 166th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, I post three versions of that event that I have enjoyed over the years. (more…)

I realize Big Love is “entertainment” and not real.  After watching tonight’s episode, I also realize  that HBO and the Big Love crew have no hesitation in casting others’ pearls before swine.  A few points of clarification are in order from tonight’s episode. (more…)


I was born in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five, on the twenty-third day of December, in the town of Sharon, Windsor county, State of Vermont . .

So begins the formal history of America’s most prominent religious leader, The Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr..  His impact on the world’s religious landscape is simply unparalleled.   Well done, and Happy Birthday, Brother Joseph–and the history continues . . .

It is with deep sadness that I relay what has already been posted and commented upon at other Nacle Blogs, but particularly the Wasp itself.  Justin Butterfield has decided the time has come to close the History books on the modern day version of the Mormon Wasp.  Justin is a class act, and the Nacle, will be a poorer place without his astute analysis, historical posts, and unparalleled sense of humor.  Not only that, he knows everything there is to know about modern day, and historical Mormonism.  I have always thought he had direct access to that First Presidency Vault up there in those granite mountains.

My hope is that he will maintain the Wasp as it is in perpetuity, and remain an active commenter in the ‘Nacle.  And, that we will continue to enjoy his wit and wisdom far into the future.

Thank you Justin for an incredible run with an outstanding Blog.  We will indeed miss you.  Fondest Regards.  And, God Bless.

Joseph Smith Papers Project

Joseph Smith letter from Liberty Jail, March 21, 1839, is one of several thousand documents in the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

Elaine Jarvik, in this morning’s Deseret News writes about a documentary to be aired by KJZZ Television in Utah on Monday evening, 11/5/07. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the inter-mountain west, you are not likely to see the documentary. Perhaps BYU-TV may pick it up for re-broadcast, who knows. But, it sounds as though a wider LDS audience would be interested in such a re-broadcast. I know I would. (more…)

Richard Bushman

(Photo by Ramin Rahimian, New York Times) This morning’s New York Times has an excellent article on Professor Richard Bushman, respected scholar, and author of the groundbreaking Joseph Smith biography, Rough Stone Rolling. (more…)

Well, Mitt has about come full circle, as I see it. He has been interviewed by the venerable Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, which will be broadcast this Sunday. During that interview he commented on polygamy, calling the practice awful: (more…)

Updated 4/30/07 2:09 p.m.

The Mormons

The venerable New York Times, has reviewed the PBS production of “The Mormons“, and has given it a positive review. (more…)

Nauvoo ExpositorAnti-Mormon religious bigotry has officially returned to Nauvoo. Today’s Chicago Tribune reports on a couple, described as Christian evangelists from Chicago, proclaiming an anti-Mormon message. They are Rocky and Helen Hulse, who operate their anti-Mormon propaganda mission from a small store front called the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center. A quick check of their website reveals the typical anti-Mormon diatribe, complete with borrowed (from other anti-Mormon sites) reproductions of the Temple endowment ceremony: (more…)

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