Welfare data from Utah, Arizona, and Texas do not support claims of massive FLDS fraud against the government.

Yet six speakers at a July 24 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing — from Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid to former plural wife Carolyn Jessop — said fraud and misuse of welfare funds is a primary reason the federal government should be more involved in investigating the sect.  Reid said the FLDS have a “sophisticated, wealthy and vast criminal organization” that includes “welfare fraud.”  

 Jessop told the committee the FLDS engage in a “religious doctrine” known as ‘bleeding the beast,’ ” which she explained included applying for “every possible type of government of assistance that is available.” Author Stephen Singular, who has written a book about the FLDS, told the committee that Colorado City residents received “eight times the welfare assistance of comparably sized towns in the area.”

Hey, Harry, the nation is poised on the brink of another Depression, and you’re off investigating the FLDS–at taxpayer expense– when the data doesn’t even support the claims? And, Carolyn Jessop? Does anyone believe she has an ounce of credibility when it comes to FLDS issues?  That’s like asking Fawn Brodie to write an objective biography of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  (Cute the July 24th hearing date).

Face it, the government is still singling out the FLDS because of their peculiar and unpopular religious beliefs and practices.  You don’t hear this in reference to lifestyles in government run ghettos all over the country:

But Paul Murphy, spokesman for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, said that while there may not be “outright fraud” by the polygamous community, there is “a resentment that taxpayers are being used to support this lifestyle.

The Texas Supreme Court today upheld the lower appellate court ruling, which ordered the trial Judge Barbara Walther to vacate her order authorizing the removal of all the FLDS children from the YFZ Ranch.  You can read the ruling here. (more…)

Well, Texas has not done anything right in this case from the inception–why start now?.  So, while I am disappointed to hear they plan to appeal the ruling, it is not really a surprise.  The Salt Lake Tribune reports: (more…)

Photo LM Otero/Associated Press

Justice is finally rearing its head in the ugly West Texas raid on the FLDS YFZ ranch.  The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a Texas appeals court has ruled that Texas did not have sufficient evidence to seize all 400 plus children in its ludicrous actions last month: (more…)

This will be a rather short post, but the topic, I think is important, and worth mentioning.  I’ve posted numerous times on the problematic legal and Constitutional issues resulting from Texas’ raid on the FLDS community; however, I think the bad public policy behind this fiasco now emerges: (more…)

Sometimes, the faith of our fathers is better left to the revisionists.

Wow!  And, Mr. Egan ought to know.  His recent article in the New York Times is as revisionist as it gets.  While I responded briefly to Mr. Egan, by far the best (and most biting) response, far more eloquent than mine, was posted over at Nine Moons by fellow Mormon blogger Seth R.  Well done Seth, and thank you.

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This story continues to be riveting; but as many have pointed out, it is beginning to fade, and will continue to do so with time.  I will still continue to blog about it in the days, weeks, and possibly months to come, but probably not with the same frequency.  Many questions remain.  I have nothing profound to add.  I have read each and every comment on the various posts on this blog, and on many others to which I have linked.  Of course I do not have time to respond to them all; however, I have appreciated all the discussion, and have learned a great deal from many of the comments.  (more…)

Just a quick update–The Central California Coast talk radio station, KVEC 920 AM will discuss the events unfolding in West Texas and FLDS community.  KVEC has a website, where live streaming is available.  You can even call in and join the discussion on this number 1-800-549-5832. It will air on the Dave Congalton Show (Hometown talk radio).

The segment will begin at 5:05 p.m. California PDT.  (Disclaimer–I will be a guest on the show). So, if you have a thought or two on Texas’ raid on the FLDS community, call in and speak your piece.

Boy, that’s for sure (HT Bethie)

Photo Eirc Gay, AP

Update 4/22/08 6:00 a.m.

CaptiveFLDSChildren.org (FLDS photos of the raid)

FLDS Truth.org (FLDS site of their belief system)

I had planned to take a break from blogging about this story; but, it seems each day Texas and its justice system sink deeper into depravity.  The trial judge, Barbara Walther, has refused to stop Texas CPS officials from forcibly separating FLDS mothers and their nursing babies. (more…)

Media outlets are reporting the Texas judge hearing the case has ruled all 416 children must remain in State custody.  Frankly I am dumbfounded. (more…)

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