Below the jump, is a post I first wrote for the Bloggernacle Times on 09/23/06.  We were several years into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the natural abuses of war were being made manifest.  Here we are almost five years later and the United States still maintains troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, for reasons that frankly escape me (particularly in light of the extreme heat–but very little light–generated by the far right about deficits, balanced budgets, and the like).  Regardless, I think the message behind Christ’s injunction, i.e., The Golden Rule, is as relevant and important today as they ever were–even in times of war.

Dick Cheney, one of the primary architects of the Iraq war, and of the Bush Administration torture policies has just published his long anticipated autobiography–so called.  In it, Mr. Cheney makes no apologies and pitches his torture philosophy all over again.  He did the same in a recent interview at media friendly Fox News Sunday. I find the idea is still antithetical to Christ’s teaching of treating others as we would be treated.

The links in the old post should all work (at least the vast majority of the ones I tested did).  You may have to wait a minute for the link to actually link through to the original source, as it first takes you to the cached web page of the provider first, then takes you to the actual original link.    (more…)

Nearly three years ago, when I originally posted on this topic,  America and torture were prevalent in the media.  Over the course of the last several months more details of America’s flirtation with torture in the Bush/Cheney Administration have been exposed to further light. In that original post, many opined the instances of torture, if any, were just limited to a few bad apples in Iraq at Abu Ghraib.  The most recent reports suggest otherwise, here, here, here. If you have the time and want to read the original recent CIA report and not just excerpts, you can find it here. (more…)

Mitt RomneyLinda Feldman in today’s Christian Science Monitor writes about Mitt Romney’s recent surge (dare I use that term?) in the traditional pre or early primary states: Iowa and New Hampshire. (more…)

Memorial Day

Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the lakes
from the hills from the sky,
all is well,
safely, rest,
God is near.

Fading light,
Dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky
Gleaming bright,
From afar, Drawing, near,
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise,
For our days,
Neath the sun
Neath the stars
Neath the sky,
As we go,
This, we, know,
God is near.

Darth Cheney courtesy of that other dark side in the ‘nacleMost now know that Dick Cheney has been invited by the Church to attend and speak at the BYU commencement in April. I previously posted on that topic over at Bloggernacle Times. I have now located (hat tip to A Soft Answer) an online petition for the BYU community, both past and present, to sign in opposition to this appearance, if you are so inclined. You can view and sign the petition here. You do not need to have attended or currently attend BYU to sign the petition. I also encourage you to visit and read Ronan’s post at BCC, as well as Connor’s post over at Conundrums. Finally, Julie M. Smith has weighed in over at T & S as well. All are well done. A late entry into the Cheney marketplace of ideas is Jim Cobabe’s post over at Snail Hollow Gazette.

Mormon Opposition to War(Update: Welcome Tribune readers. If you found your way here from Matthew LaPlante’s article, have a look around, feel free to leave any thoughts you have, and thanks for stopping by). Today’s Salt Lake Tribune, as an excellent article by Matthew LaPlante about Utah’s Mormon population souring on the Iraq War. (more…)

Anti-war Protesters(Update: Ronan also has a good Iraq piece over at BCC as does Dan over at the Good Democrat). Russell Arben Fox, has an excellent post over at Times and Seasons about the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war. For those who visit the Messenger and Advocate; but, don’t venture out much into the rest of the bloggernacle, please do visit and comment on Russell’s post. He beat me to the punch about posting on this anniversary; but, it was something I was going to do here anyway. I do so, if for no other reason to continue to express my unqualified opposition to what I consider to be an ill-conceived, mis-managed, immoral and illegal war of preemption waged in my name by my country, almost universally against the better wisdom and wishes of most other countries (including our own allies) in the world. (more…)

And this time it’s state sponsored. Just days after the the most Christian nation on the face of the earth celebrated the Holy Birth of the Son of the Everlasting God, its leaders turned Saddam Hussein over to his own people for a state sponsored killing. For those who frequent the Messenger and Advocate; but don’t venture much further into the Bloggernacle, I have posted my thoughts on Saddam’s exeuction over at the Bloggernacle Times. Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts if you are so inclined.

Senator Harry Reid

Just over a month after Americans spoke loudly and clearly that they wanted a new strategy in Iraq, if not the withdrawl of American forces from that war torn country, the new democratic majority leader, Senator Harry Reid has abdicated his leadership role by agreeing to a troop increase. (more…)

For my friends who frequent the Messenger and Advocate; but, do not journey further into the Bloggernacle (which by the way you really should) I’ve posted about one of the most tragic stories I have ever read on the Iraq war over at The Bloggernacle Times.

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