Media outlets are reporting the Texas judge hearing the case has ruled all 416 children must remain in State custody.  Frankly I am dumbfounded. (more…)

The Denver Post, also picked up by the Salt Lake Tribune, reports that the Texas Rangers are now investigating the call prompting the FLDS raid by Texas law enforcement: (more…)

The overnight media reports are beginning to bring into focus some very troubling aspects of Texas’ case against the FLDS mothers and fathers.  First, of course have to the be the reports that a 33 year old woman in Colorado Springs has been arrested for making prank telephone calls to police about false abuse claims. (more…)

Peggy Fletcher Stack, of the Salt Lake Tribune, who wrote today’s article, has indicated that she, and I assume she also means the Salt Lake Tribune are trying to find out if any LDS Mormon families in Texas have volunteered to be foster parents to the FLDS children.   She asked me to post this question on the blog.  You can contact Peggy at pstack at  Or, you can contact me at guy.murray at  

As the Texas raid on the FLDS community in Eldorado moves into its second week, Texas has generated worldwide media attention with its questionable tactics to investigate a child and sexual abuse complaint of one anonymous victim, by forcibly removing over 400 children from their homes, their mothers and their fathers.  Yes, Texas, the eyes of the entire world now are upon you, and what you are doing.

Update 4/12/08 4:14 p.m. Texas Rangers Meet with alleged suspect:  No Arrest.

Barlow May Not Be Our Guy (Salt Lake Tribune)

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