At least that is the theory.  The FLDS community had no chance of withstanding Texas’ military style onslaught of its community almost two weeks ago–and to their credit they cooperated with Texas’ authorities, thereby avoiding bloodshed; however, now the law is supposed to level the playing field and allow the FLDS mothers and fathers the same ability as Texas to make their case in a court of law, rather than at the barrel of an automatic weapon or riding on an armored personnel carrier.  We will see how that plays out today. (more…)

The Lies Of Texas Are Upon Us

Photo By Trent Nelson

The heartache and atrocities in Texas continue.  From the Deseret News, another heart wrenching account by the abused FLDS mothers.  I am simply dumb founded at what passes for justice, or even compassion in West Texas.  (more…)

(Update 4/14/08 4:45 p.m.) The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Texas CPS in its ongoing abuse of the FLDS Mothers and children, has now separated all the mothers from their children! Does anyone involved in this operation have any media savvy, let alone compassion for these poor mothers and children?

If you haven’t seen Brooke Adams’ latest blog entry on the Plural Life about misconceptions of FLDS dress standards, please take a few minutes and read it.  We can learn a few things here folks.

The most recent reports of the ill conceived Texas raid of the FLDS community near Eldorado Texas are more and more disturbing.  The Deseret News has chronicled video interviews of several FLDS parents, whose children were kidnapped under color of law by Texas law enforcement in the recent raid.  If you have not seen these videos, they are just heart wrenching and very powerful.  I don’t know how to embed video, and I’m not sure these can be embedded as they belong to the Deseret News; however, I will provide the links below, and encourage you to view them for yourselves: (more…)

As the Texas raid on the FLDS community in Eldorado moves into its second week, Texas has generated worldwide media attention with its questionable tactics to investigate a child and sexual abuse complaint of one anonymous victim, by forcibly removing over 400 children from their homes, their mothers and their fathers.  Yes, Texas, the eyes of the entire world now are upon you, and what you are doing.

Update 4/12/08 4:14 p.m. Texas Rangers Meet with alleged suspect:  No Arrest.

Barlow May Not Be Our Guy (Salt Lake Tribune)

Deseret News



As I have read the various comments on this story, I am struck by some who question why I, or others take the FLDS position, or support them, or seem sympathetic toward them.  I have also read comments which I think express extremely well why I, from a Constitutional standpoint stand squarely with my FLDS Sisters and Brothers in Eldorado, Texas.  I reproduce some of them below.  While doing so do I do not mean to imply support by anyone for criminal conduct, but rather the preservation and protection of Constitutional Rights.  Rights that are still afforded even the FLDS community. (more…)

Brooke Adams, of the Salt Lake Tribune reports on still another affidavit, this one based on an anonymous informant, supporting the search warrant of the FLDS Temple near Eldorado, West Texas: (more…)

Photo Trent Nelson Salt Lake Tribune

(Photo Trent Nelso, Salt Lake Tribune)

Well, Texas authorities have finally released the “affidavit” that serves as the basis to destroy the families of over four hundred chidren and hundreds of mothers and fathers.  You can read the entire affidavit here:  FLDS Affidavit A few observations and questions follow: (more…)

CNN now reports the State of Texas has taken over 400 children from the FLDS compound, and disrupted their family life, keeping the mothers and the children from their fathers:   (previous FLDS raid post) (more…)

FLDS RaidThe FLDS Church is again making headlines, this time in Eldorado Texas, the latest FLDS compound.  This is the biggest news splash since the Warren Jeffs’ conviction last year on charges of accomplice to rape.  There are several MSM sources for this breaking story.  (My Update posted here). (more…)

A Utah Judge sentenced Warren Jeffs yesterday, 11/20/07 to two five years to life, concurrent sentences, for his conviction in September on two counts of rape as an accomplice. I’ve been troubled by the Warren Jeffs case since his capture, and have posted previously about my impressions of his journey through Utah’s criminal justice system. (more…)