The prosecution and defense in the Warren Jeffs case have now both rested. They are giving closing arguments this morning, and the case is supposed to go to the jury this afternoon. Based on my reading of the trial testimony, I think the state has failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Warren Jeffs should be acquitted. (For my prior Jeffs’ posts, see here.) (more…)

warren-jeffs.jpg5th District Judge James L. Shumate has ruled that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs must stand trial on rape charges. This is not particularly surprising given the low threshold Utah had to meet; but, I think the prosecution still has a long row to hoe to convince a jury to convict on the accessory to rape charge. (more…)

In the post I did about the long arm of Warren Jeffs’ law, PDOE and APJ made some interesting comments, that I think actually merit their own post. They essentially drew parallels between Warren Jeffs’ Hilldale Police Department and Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Legion.

Nauvoo Legion


Warren JeffsToday’s Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting article on law enforcement in Hilldale, UT and Colorado City, AZ. It seems that some of Warren Jeffs’ loyalists included those who are charged with enforcing the law in these two communities: (more…)

Warren Jeffs’ preliminary hearing began today in Utah’s Dixie, St. George Utah. After reading the press coverage, and watching some clips of the actual hearing, I have concluded the media coverage, particularly cable TV, is sensationalistic, and the prosecution case weak. (more…)

warrensjeffs.jpegThe Salt Lake Tribune and KVOA Tucson are reporting that Warren Jeffs will appear via video link from Purgatory. I guess I should add that is the name of the correctional facility (jail) where he’s being held–but it sounds better if I were to just leave it Purgatory ;-). And, he gets to appear wearing a suit like the photo above if he wants, instead of appearing like this:



warren-jeffs.jpgWarren Jeffs, arrested outside of Las Vegas on 8/29/06 has now begun his journey through the legal system. I have decided to post periodic Jeffs’ updates as he continues his legal journey. The case has many fascinating aspects, and is clearly a popular topic, from a legal standpoint and also cultural. (more…)