My notes of The Priesthood Session of conference are below.  Kent Larsen has also posted his excellent notes of the Priesthood Session over at Times and Seasons.  

5:01 p.m. Conducting Thomas S. Monson, Prophet, Seer and Revelator

5:02 p.m. Choir  Priesthood BYU Idaho Sing Praise to him

5:05 p.m.  Invocation Bruce D Porter 70

5:06 Choir Father in Heaven

5:10 p.m. Elder Boyd K Packer, , President Quorum of the Twelve Apostles 

Young men speak of the future because they have no future.  Old men speak of the past because they have no future (laughter).  Speaks to young men of Aaronic Priesthood, restoration of that Priesthood by John the Baptist.  Holds keys of ministering of Angels.  Ordained to office in Priesthood of God, not held by Kings, Magistrates, and great men of the earth, unless they humble themselves and enter the straight gate.  Joseph Smith 14 at time of First Vision.  Christ 12 when he went to Temple.  Let no man despise thy youth.

Youth hungry for things of spirit.  They want things striaght.  Want to gain testimony.  They are not doubters, but seekers after truth.   Priesthood something you cannot see, hear or touch, but is a real power.  

Became ill at 5 years old, with Polio.   Got to the point he could not walk.  Was fortunate more than some.  Had to learn to walk again.  Knew he could never be an athlete.  Found consolation in patriarchial blessing.  Given a body to enable his spirit to function.  Encouraged him.  Always take care of your body.  Take nothing into body that will harm it, any habit forming substance.  Read D & C 89 and you will find great promises.  

You are a son of God, despair not about your body.  What, know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost, asked Paul?  Gender determined in pre-mortal existence.  You must treasure and protect this aspect if your identity.  Do not abuse your self.  Don’t allow others to touch your body in an unworthy way.  

Avoide pornography.  If it is in your life, be careful it can destroy you.  Do not desecrate your body with tattoos or piercings.  Resist every impulse that will trouble your spirit.  All beings who have bodies have power over beings who do not.  

Prayerful power of your spirit will protect you.   You must learn of the power of Atonement.  It will wash away serious transgression.  There is nothing it cannot wash away.  

Don’t complain about schooling.  Learn that which is practical.  Learn cooking, yard work.  Study well, and attend always.  The Glory of God is Intelligence or in other words light and truth.  Learn of things above the earth and beneath.  Learn that which is practical and worth doing.  

Ended up in Orient flying bombers.  He ended up teaching Gospel in Japan as a serviceman.  Had a Book of Mormon which he carried everywhere and read it.  Things that were uncertain became certain to him.  Four years later he returned to his life, but had obtained a testimony.  

The reality of life now is part of your responsiblity.  Won’t hurt you to want something and not obtain it.  It will insure you will have a happy home. 

Very foundation of all society is the family.  Honor father and mother, that thy days may be long.  Don’t be wasteful.  Be content.  The world is in commotion.  There will be difficult trials.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Do not be afraid.  

Gospel plan is the great plan of happiness.

5:26 p.m. Richard C. Edgley Presiding Bishopric

Have witnessed emergenices and natural disasters in the world.  Church has responded in marvelous ways.  Often non members and relief organizations comment on how quickly the Church is able to mobilze.  How do we do it?  We are prepare, have empathy, and charity.  Usually it takes only a few phone calls of presiding authorities.

Tonight is your phone call, brethren.  We are our brother’s keeper.  Economic clouds are now fully upon us.  Impact of storm, requires Church welfare system as never before.  Each of us have felt the impacts one way or another.  No organization better able to respond to needs than the Priesthood of God.  We call upon you to mobilze to face the challenges to our members.  

Now is time to rally around.  Opporunities abound.  We are responsbile to marshall the Lord’s resources.  Regardless to titles of skills we will find a brotherhood to bear one another’s burdens.

Many ways Bishop and quorum members can relief anxiety of our brethren.  Phil the mechanic lost his mechanics job.  His bishop and Elder’s Quorum President prayed about how to help Phil get on his feet.  They concluded Phil was talented enough to run his own shop.  Everyone in Quorum could help him start, including donating an old barn, tools, and the like.  Phil’s auto was a success–all because quorum brothers offered help.  Priesthood quorum can and do offer assistance.  

Don’t hesitate to call on quorums for help.  Many areas there are employment resouce centers.  They also can interface with quorums and employers.  Deseret Industries offer employment and training for all backgrounds.  Sisters also have a role.  Many mothers are making budget and living adjustments.  Some are leaving the home to help find work. They can teach, help, babysit.  They can make a difference.

Responsiblity for finding employment or improving rests with you.  Bishops and other can assit.  If you need help, speak up and let others know you are in need.  Brethren stand up and meet the challenge.  

Priesthood quorum obligation to set in force those things to help those in need to obtain help.  President Young learned Willie company and Martin Company in trouble.  President Young stood in conference from the pulpit, said this community must bring them in.  Go and bring in those people now.  As a result wagons with teams and other supplies were immediately sent to rescue those saints on the plains.

Brethern, this is our phone call–now. 

5:37 p.m. Elder Claudio R.M. Costa, Presidency of the Seventy

Welcome to Elder Anderson.  Privledge to be sacred army of the Lord.    As priesthood holders we have four fold responsibilities.  

1.  Responsiblity to families

Nothing we have is more precious.  Need to lead our family in daily family prayer and FHE.  Need to strengthen our families.   During FHE we prepare our families to receive blessings of Lord.  Daily scripture study also important. 

2.  To employers.

Be honest with employer.  Don’t do Church work on his time.  Employment allows us to take care of our families.  

3.  To Lord’s work.

4.  To ourselves.

Every Priesthood holder also needs to grow spiritually.  We also all have helpers, especially counsel from Church leaders.  Christ is also there to ease our yokes.  

5:49 p.m. Choir Congregation High On A  Mountain Top

5:52 p.m. President Dieter F. Urchtdorf, Second Counselor, First Presidency

Has known for sometime what he wanted to discuss.  Is going to relate a story of aviation.  Story of the light bulb.  Dark December night, a jet crashed in Everglades kiling over 100 people.  Stangely all mechanical components were working properly.  On final approach, one green light failed to light–the one indicating whether nose gear had deployed.  They became so distracted in their search for their problem, they lost sight of what the plane was doing, losing altitude and heading for a crash.

Everything working on the plane execpt that one 20 cent light bulb.  That led to the death of over 100.  Crew placed its focus on something that seemed to matter at the moment.  Focused on the insignificant at the expense of the profound.   We know what matters most in life.  Light of Christ teaches us this.

Where do our thoughts go when pressure of deadlines go?  Are the on things that matter most, or only those fleeting things of the moment?  What excuses do we cling to that keep us from being the kind of Father, Son, priesthood holder we could be?  Sometimes that what distracts us are not bad in and of themselves.  Often they make us feel good, but this can be to excess.

Do we ignore the spiritual weeds that threaten to choke our spiritual growth?  Even some Church programs may be harmful.  We need balance in our life.    We cannot lose focus on those things that matter most.

Encouraged by priesthood holders today who love the Lord and magnify Priesthood.  Is aware of purity of our hearts.  Blesses us for our fidelity and guides our paths.  But, there is room for improvment in our lives.  What could we accomplish if we put away childish things?

World could be transformed for good if we lived to our true potential, become converted in the depth of our souls committed to building the kingdom.  It is easy to become distracted and focus on one burned outlight bulb, or the unkind acts of others whereever they may be.  Don’t lower our standards.  We cannot, because we are doing a great work.  

We live in challenging times but of great opportunities as well.  Faced with trial, I am doing a great work and cannot come down.  Faced with ridicule, we should proclaim I am doing a great work and cannot come done.  Refuse to allow the trivial to hinder us in pursuit of the Eternal.  

God lives and is mindful of each of us.  He will stretch forth his hand to us.  Gospel does not come from man.  Doctrine of Church is not someone’s best guess.  It is the Truth of Heaven revealed by God Himself.  Joseph looked into Heaven and communed with God and angels.  God speaks through his Prophet Thomas S. Monson.  We have a great work to do.  We overlook the horizon of our age.  Never lower our standards despite tempations and distractions.  Never lose focus on what matters most.  Stand shoulder to shoulder bearing Christ’s banner.    We are doing a great work and we will not come down.

6:10 p.m. President Heny B. Eyring, First Counselor First Presidency

Be brave and bold in our Priesthood service.  Enlisted in God’s army in last dispensation.  This is not a time of peace.  Has not been since pre-earth existence.  Satan and followers cast down to earth.  Conflict continues since Adam’s time.  War will become more violent.  Spiritual casaulties on God’s side will mount.

Fighting in Somalia 1993.  Rangers looked and saw helicopters hit and fall to earth.  Knew no ground forces available to rescue them.  The two men above volunteered to go down to the ground to be inserted and protect their comrads.  Their request denied.  Asked third time and this time allowed down.  Fought their way to downed helicopters.  Pulled wounded and placing themselves in most dangerous position.  They were eventually fatally wounded, but did save the wounded pilot.  Awarded medal of honor.  Above and beyond the call of duty.   Out of loyalty they felt a duty.  Courage to act came from feeling responsible for their comrads.  Such a feeling is at heart of faithful Priesthood service.

Our comrads are being wounded in spiritual combat around us.  Spiritual wounds not easly visible, except with inspired eyes.  It has happened for years.    Recalls a a Bishop an impression of needing to see a young man because of the wounds of sin.   The wound can worsen and widen if repentance does not begin soon.

We are under covenant to go to spirtually wounded child of God.  We should not turn away.

We are under covenant.  When we accept Priesthood, accept responsibility to help save others.  Countless examples of those who shoulder this responsibility.  Jacob in Book of Mormon is one.  Was under responsiblity to God to rid his garments of the sins of the people.  We are Lord’s servants to do for others what God would do.   Two are better than one.  If one falls the other will lift him.  If you are alone who will lift and help you?   None but fools will triffle with souls of men, from Joseph Smith.

Teacher’s duty to watch over Church always.  See Church meets together often.   Humble, simple brief testimony may touch some one more than a more experienced companion–this in hometeaching context.  

Growing older you will know your fellow quorum members well.  Will come to recognize when they are happy or sad.  You will feel respondible for your fellow member in the Priesthood.  He may ask for advice because he trusts you.  If you can influence someone away from a dangerous path you will both rejoice.  If you tried to help but fail, he will still be your friend, and grateful that you tried.  You will invite him to return to the happiness Atonement allows.

As you become a father you will love family more than you could imagine.  Prays we will devlope love and bravery for our fellow brothers, like sons of Mosiah.  

We are called of God, and are sent to serve His children.  President Monson holds all Priesthood keys.  God will give us inspiriation to fulfill our callings.

6:30  p.m. President Thomas S. Monson, Prophet, Seer, Revalator

This has been a memorable Priesthood meeting.  Jot down what you have heard.  It will help you honor the priesthood we hold.  Reminds us of conference sessions tomorrow.  Thanks choir and speakers this evening.  

Humbled by responsiblity to address us.  Endorses all messages given to us tonight.  Our responsiblities as Priestood holders are significant.  Hold all spiritual blessings and keys of the Church, and also keys ministering of angels.  

1958 President Harold B. Lee, described Priesthood as Lord’s troops against evil.  Power of Priesthood is power of God.  Help us understand each man and boy must be worthy of Priesthood.  Each must strive to learn our duty.  We are God’s representatives today.

Face challenges in today’s world.  With God on our side we will be victorious.  Those holding Aaronic priesthood, hopes you understand significane and importance, passing sacrament each Sunday. 

Be ready always to give reason of the hope that is in you.  God will go before our face, and on our right and left hand with His angels to bear us up.   Now is not a time for fear, but for faith.  Mortal journey will place us in harms way.  Three suggestions

1.  Study Diligently

Have daily scripture study.  Crash courses not as effective as day to day reading.  Be aquainted of what scriptures teach.  Study as though they speak to us, for that is the truth.    The Rod of Iron is Word of God.  Those who hold fast will not perish.  

2.  Pray Feverently 

With God all things are possible.  Remember Jospeh’s simple prayer.  Adam prayed, Jesus prayed.  God hears our pleadings of our hearts.  If we lack wisdom, let us ask of God.  Passport to peace.  Is how we approach God.  Listen for the answer.  Miracles wrought through prayer. 

3.  Live Righteously

Isaiah:  Touch no unclean thing.  Be ye clean that bear vessels of Lord.  Even the humble God will sustain in righteousness as they avoid the evils of our day.    When it is necessary to exercise our priesthood, will we be able to respond?  Are we prepared for our journey through life?  Pathway can be difficult.  Be cautions, chart your course.  

These suggestions are not new.  They have been taught, and taught again.  If we ignore them, we allow Satan power.

Let us never dispair.  We are engaged in Lord’s work.   As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.  

6: 51 p.m. Choir Will Go Where You Want Me To Go

Benediction Elder Christenson Quorum of the Seventy