President Gordon B. Hinckley, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons) turned 97 today, and he received his own BYU building, The Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitor’s Center as a birthday present.


Cheney clothed in the black robes of a false priesthood–A day that will live in infamy



(Updated 4/27/07 5:46 a.m.) Well, the evil deed is done. Dick Cheney has come and gone from BYU, been honored with a degree he didn’t deserve, and confirmed the fatal shift warned about decades ago by Brother Nibley. (more…)

The following post I received from Dr. Warner Woodworth, Mariott School of Management, BYU. It is his protest to Dick Cheney’s commencement address at BYU. I am posting it here at his request, exactly as it appeared in his email. (more…)

Cheney and BYUBoth the Salt Lake Tribune (also now here) and the Deseret News (also here) report the unthinkable: BYU is going to award Dick Cheney an Honorary Doctorate of Public Service. I had resigned myself to the fact that my alma mater had acquiesced to Dick Cheney’s self invitation to speak at its commencement; however, I cannot begin to fathom the thinking that went into the decision to award Dick Cheney an honorary degree of anything. (more…)

BYU VT VigilThe Deseret News has a touching article on a BYU candlelight vigil held Friday night to honor the victims of the VT massacre: (more…)

BYU Dick Cheney Protest Photo Courtesy of Onelowerlight Photo BlogToday, hundreds of students and faculty protested the planned commencement address of Dick Cheney. And, it happened, of all places at the Lord’s very own University, BYU. I say, Rise and Shout Cougs—you did good. There is some great coverage. The best site, I’ve seen for photos is at Onelowerlight’s blog. (who allowed me to repost a couple over here. Other posts covering the protests at Onelowerlight can be found here, here, here, here, and here. He is a BYU student and took a great selection of photos which he has posted. Make certain you double click on the photos to show them in their original size. They are really good. Sterling over at BCC has also posted on the protest, as has DMI Dave, and A Soft Answer.  As I find others, I will link to them. The national press has also extensively covered the protests, which I will link to below as I find them. I congratulate the students and faculty at BYU who were responsible for planning and executing a well organized protest. Great Job!

National Press coverage after the jump: (more…)

(Update II ) For an updated post on the coverage and photos of the BYU Cheney Protest, see here. (Update I) The Deseret News reports on the Church’s announcement here. The Salt Lake Tribune was on the defensive here. The Church has issued a formal statement on the Dick Cheney invitation to speak at BYU’s commencement in April. The Church’s official statement is on its website here. The subject of Mr. Cheney’s invitation has been discussed at length in the Bloggernacle. I started this discussion over at Bloggernacle Times, just after the story first broke in the Salt Lake Tribune. You can find links to the rest of the Bloggernacle discussions at this prior post here. (more…)

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