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(Photo of a newly sealed Ghana family–proudly featuring a beaming father, two beautiful children, and from the looks of the photograph, a Mother who “knows.”)

I have received, what may very well be my last email from the Moncurs, currently serving as missionaries in West Africa, Ghana. Their latest email and photos follow below the jump. I will miss hearing about their daily labors amongst the Ghana Saints. I will miss hearing about the lives of the Ghana Saints and seeing them in the photos. One of my greatest sense of loss will the be perspective they bring to my all too often careful and troubled life, here in the talkative and well fed West.

And, while it will be good to see the Moncurs again and hear of their experiences with the Ghana Saints, I will miss the update on those saints. I’m sure it will be very difficult for the Moncurs to sing that last farewell hymn in Sacrament meeting in a few short Sundays–God Be With You, Till We Meet Again. (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionI have received the latest West Africa Ghana Mission update email from the Moncurs. The email and photos are replete with their latest adventures and excitement that only West African Ghana can provide. It is sobering to read of a people so focused on the tasks of daily survival, not at all concerned about the distractions with which we here in the talkative well fed West are obsessed. The email and finally the photos follow below the jump–enjoy. (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionI’ve received the latest email and photo update from the Moncurs, serving in the West Africa Ghana Mission. The email is much shorter, and the photos fewer, but they are still fascinating. I have to admit though, I’ve never really seen the Coke for Christ approach. (more…)

West Africa GhanaI’ve received the latest update from the Moncurs in the West Africa Ghana Mission. As always their emails are inspiring and their photos breathtaking. The society and culture in which they serve is an amazing contrast to our own, and one that teaches me at least, that my priorities are not always what they should be. I’m grateful for the further light and knowledge the Gospel of Jesus Christ adds to the lives of the Saints.  As always, I’m humbled by these reports. I will miss them when the Moncurs return home. For all the updates on the West Africa Ghana Mission, please click here, and then scroll down to read all the prior updates. (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionBelow is the latest email news and photos from the West Africa Ghana Mission from Elder and Sister Moncur. As always it is a refreshing break to read about their Gospel experiences with the Ghana Saints and their lives. For previous West Africa Ghana posts, please click here, and scroll down: (more…)

West Africa GhanaI’ve received the latest email from Ghana. It is full of new stories, and photos of the missionary work there. The email and photos follow after the jump.  Other West Africa Ghana Mission photos are posted here: (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionFrom a land far away from the complete and utterly useless hype and hysteria of American pop culture, I have received another uplifting email from the Moncurs. They continue to have incredible and faith promoting experiences in the West Africa Ghana Mission. Elder Moncur describes in this email his personal encounter with skin cancer. He is doing well; but, prayers are always in order. Their email and photos follow. You can read the prior posts of the West Africa Ghana Mission here. Scroll down to see all the posts. (more…)

West Africa Ghana Mission ChildrenI have received the latest update from the West Africa Ghana Mission form the Moncurs.  Below is another faith filled email with photos that will give us all pause from the cluttered chaos of everyday life.  You can see all other West Ghana Mission posts here.  Just follow the link and then scroll down to see all prior emails and photos. (more…)

dsc02506.JPGI’ve been too busy at work the past month or so to do any regular posting. I have received a couple of West Africa Ghana Mission updates from the Moncurs, which I have tried to post as I received them. This is another short update from the Moncurs, with a few more photos included.  To see all the West Africa Ghana Mission posts, please click here, and then scroll down to see all updates. (more…)

dsc02438.JPGAs America, and probably much of the West, obsesses over glamour idols, their life styles, deaths, and questions of paternity, the Work of God carries on in the far reaches of the planet without fanfare, pomp or circumstance, and in the midst of people focused on just living from day to day. Elder and Sister Moncur have provided their most recent update from the West Africa Ghana Mission, with more striking stories from West Africa, including photos. So take a moment from the cacophony of celebrity, and contemplate the impact of the Gospel of Christ in the lives of the least of these we call our brethren: (more…)

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